New Year, New Beginnings | Southern Pines, NC Wedding and Family Photographer

This is a time of year for self reflection, new goals, and looking to the future. This year (just like every year) I am making goals for Brandie Ballard Photography. My first goal is work on my SEO. We are moving this year. I am hoping to have a web presence and bookings before we arrive… only problem is we don’t know where we are going yet (that info will hopefully come soon). I’d like to book more weddings wherever it is that we move to, which means doing some second shooting here on Whidbey Island before we leave. I want to book more adventure sessions before leaving the Pacific Northwest. I want to be in front of the frame with my kids more this year, so teaching my husband to maneuver my camera is on the list. I plan to take on a 52 week personal photography project. I would like to also work on time management so I can have a better family work balance. All that being said, my ultimate goal is to be happy, keep enjoying my craft, and to spend time with my family. If I can do those things, I will be content! Here’s to a happy 2019!